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Banking Services

With Minerva banking services you'll know that your money is secure, your deposits balanced and your bank account is easy to reconcile with your donations on an ongoing basis.

We offer complete flexibility in banking so we can deposit your funds in a branch of your bank near our office or scan your cheques for electronic deposit. We also offer batch processing of automatic debit payments for recurring donations as often as you require them.

No matter how we get your money to the bank you can rest assured that your cash, cheques and money orders will be safely and quickly deposited into your designated bank account.

As part of our receiving process all cash, cheques and money orders are reconciled to donation and event pledge forms and exceptions are reported to you prior to banking being carried out.

All cheques, cash, money orders & bank deposit slips are scanned before leaving the premises as a back-up in the event that we need them for reconciliation purposes.

  • Reliable Physical Security

    Cash and cheques are stored in a safe, in our safe room, in our card lock secure, data centre in our card lock secure facility and then sent to the bank via a secure Brinks pickup.
  • Secure Electronic Payments

    All electronic recurring debit payments are processed through our secure, PCI compliant server.
  • Real Time Deposit Reporting

    Detailed reports are available on-line to make real time reconciliation of your bank account to your donation report a snap.
Does banking take up a lot of your time? Do you have concerns about security? Let Minerva's team of experts do your banking and free up your time to fundraise.
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