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Gift Receiving Services

You work hard to earn your donor’s trust. Let us do the hard work of keeping their personal information and your donation dollars secure.
Receiving Procedures for Direct Mail
Receiving Data Sheet
Click here to download a detailed, step-by-step explanation of our caging procedures.

We know how important it is that your white mail and event forms are received in a secure and timely manner so that your organization can maintain healthy relationships with your donors.

To ensure that you meet your objectives we offer security and deliverables that match or exceed your needs and expectations. Such as:

  • daily pickup of your mail
  • custom sorting rules
  • detailed logs of all incoming & outgoing mail and deliveries
  • individual client postage floats updated daily

All postage and shipments are received in our secure card lock facility. Prior to processing and banking all cash & credit card donations and membership fees are locked up in a safe in a secured room within the PCI compliant area that affords another level of card lock security.

And last but not least, to keep your database clear of unnecessary adjusting entries all funds are reconciled to donation forms or event pledge forms prior to data entry.

  • Prompt response

    We provide daily Monday - Friday mail pickup from your postal box.
  • Individual treatment

    We know that every organization is unique so we develop special business rules just for you for sorting your mail and donation forms, reconciling and managing discrepancies and processing and banking your donations.
  • Security you can count on

    When your caging is done at Minerva your donor’s sensitive information and your donations are protected by two levels of card access security to our PCI compliant data centre, 24 hour security video and secure transport of all bank deposits by Brinks.
Can’t handle your organization’s receiving internally? Let Minerva’s team of experts do your receiving and free up your time to fundraise.
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