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What sets Minerva apart from the other donor management database solutions more than anything is our team of dedicated professionals and the support we are here to offer you when you need it.
Our Society has been a client of Minerva since 2005 and it has been a pleasure working with your staff. They are competent and very responsive. I always get timely responses to any questions or concerns that I might have and good solid advice when I need it. Keep up the great work!
- Mary Lou Howarth
Manager, Finance and Development.
The John Howard Society of Canada
Kasha Antczak
Supervisor, Database Account Services
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Kasha began working at IMS in 2000 servicing our publishing division. After 11 years she decided it was time for a change and moved over to "Minerva" the not-for-profit database division of the company.

Kasha is our Query Builder wizard and also looks after client needs as they evolve and ensures that team members know and follow the established account management procedures.

If she is not at work, she is either in Cuba with her husband Peter and son Adrian or working on house renovations. Kasha is fluent in English, Polish and Italian.

You can reach her at
or 1.800.263.0669 X 138

Tasha Blair
Account Executive, Database Account Services
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Tasha is a graduate of York University with a bachelor of fine arts in theatre production & design who has worked at IMS as an Account Executive in "Minerva" the not-for-profit database division of the company since February 2009.

Prior to joining us here at IMS she was involved in services to the not-for-profit sector in the database division at Public Outreach where she was the manager of the Fulfillment/Data department for 4 years and a data entry operator for a year prior to that.

Over the years Tasha has worked with a variety of charities both at Public Outreach and IMS, including Unicef Canada, Sick Kids Foundation, Amnesty International Canada, Interval House Toronto and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

When not at work Tasha likes to bake, sew, decorate, garden and spend time with her husband and family. Tasha is fluent in English and French.

You can reach her at
or 1.800.263.0669 X 110

Rita De Oliveira
Supervisor, Data Entry

Originally from British Columbia Rita's ethnic background is Dutch. A high school graduate with a few correspondence courses on top of that Rita is in her 6th year overseeing the data entry staff at IMS.

A stickler for detail Rita makes sure accuracy is maintained, business rules are followed to the letter and that all deliverables are met on schedule – if not before.

Rita says, "I know I can't give to every charity so my work for not-for-profit organizations makes me feel like I am doing a small part in helping their cause."
When not working Rita loves the outdoors and enjoys gardening, hiking and horseback riding.

You can reach her at
or 1.800.263.0669 X 170

Enzo Valero
Account Executive, Database Account Services and POD Specialist

Enzo was born in the 'lovely and enigmatic' port of Valparaiso, Chile and lived in the charming resort city of Viña del Mar before coming to Canada. He is always looking forward to opportunities to travel back to Chile as he loves basking in the culture and enjoying their fine wines and gorgeous landscapes.

Enzo joined IMS in 2008 but his experience extends beyond that. In the past 17 years Enzo has consistently worked for organizations that supply data and database services to the not-for-profit sector. The clients he has dealt with range from provincial to nation-wide charities including those running lotteries for fund-raising. In this capacity he has been in charge of credit card authorizations, banking and supervision of staff. In addition to this he has overseen lottery draws and handled customer service calls and emails for various campaigns across Canada.

Enzo loves the arts and enjoys painting in water colours and drawing, mainly in pencils (graphite). He also plays the piano and he trained vocally at the Etobicoke School of the Arts and The New School of Classical Vocal Studies. Enzo is fluent in English and Spanish.

You can reach him at
or 1.800.263.0669 X 147

Sharon Jaicarran
Supervisor, Mail Room

Sharon began working at IMS in 1996, she has experience working in two company divisions prior to moving over to the not-for-profit Minerva database division.

Sharon works down in the mailroom in our secure warehouse where she is in charge of making sure all tax receipts, letters and other mail for our not-for-profits gets to the post office on time and that all postage logs are kept accurate and up-to-date.

Says Sharon, "I like my position in the mail room because I find it challenging every day, for there is always something new!" When not at work Sharon enjoys travelling, reading and photography.

You can reach her at
or 1.800.263.0669 X 210

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