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Data Processing Services

Your donor database is constantly changing and that can be difficult to keep up with. Let us do the work to keep your database clean, dupe free and up-to-date.

As hard as you work at keeping things current your database is in a constant state of flux. People and companies move, merge and change is constant. For that reason databases require regular attention to remain up-to-date and duplicate free.

Let us do your data processing and we'll make sure that your files are clean, accurate, up-to-date and duplicate free.

We'll clean and format your data using techniques and processes such as:
- standardizing individual and organization record formats
- merge/purge between house and purchased lists for duplicate elimination
- internal duplicate control and consolidation
- address standardization, correction and validation
- using the NCOA database to update the movers in your database

What ever it takes to clean your list we've got it covered so when you use the information in your database to make contact you'll know you're actually reaching your constituents and members where they live and work

  • Transparency

    We supply full reporting for each step we complete when processing your files.
  • Updates Uploaded

    We can save you money on data entry by updating the records in your donor database through file uploads. Uploading files from NCOA, address correction or other processing as well as back feed files from your mailings means easy updates to your donor records.
  • De-Dupe and Consolidate

    The Minerva system offers a built-in constituent de-dupe and consolidate process so you can maintain your house files duplicate free – or let us do it for you.
Is crunching data not really your thing? Let Minerva's team of experts do your data processing and free up your time to fundraise.
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