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About Minerva - a division of IMS


With offices in Toronto, London and Goa, IMS has served media company professionals since 1979 and the not-for-profit sector since 2001.

Over 1,000 media brands utilize our array of products that help sell additional advertising, increase lead results for advertisers, and produce creative web solutions.

On the not-for-profit side of the company we work with over 50 clients offering services and solutions to manage, capture, process, receipt, analyze and maintain their donor data and donations.

Proud of our high-tech reputation, our leading software technology continues to gain industry wide recognition. Industry Canada, recognizing our 'advancing-the-science' contribution, has rewarded our company with substantial research and development grants over a number of years to encourage us to continue our leading edge developments.

With 40+ years under our belts, we have yet to have a single year pass without introducing something new (often value-added) to our clients.

  • IMS is headquartered in Toronto.
  • In-house account representatives focus 100% on serving the needs of our 1,000+ client base.
  • 90% of our business is conducted with American companies
  • Our single largest database grows at over 180 million records per month, to a projected size of 2.2 billion records a year.
  • All client data is warehoused at our ultra high security co-location facility for 100% uptime and secure access.
Since 1997 we have successfully written every piece of software with a web component.
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