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Electronic Processing Services

Your donors trust that their credit card number will be secure and that donation processing will be timely and accurate. Let us make that a reality.

We offer our clients complete flexibility in our PCI compliant electronic processing services. To do this we work through your Merchant Account with your Merchant Services supplier for credit and debit card processing rather than forcing you to work with a supplier we have chosen. Don't have a Merchant Account? We're happy to help you set one up.

Working through your Merchant Account with your Merchant Services supplier we ensure that credit card and debit card processing is seamless and painless. Funds are delivered directly to your bank account under the terms of your Merchant Services agreement, and you don't need to lift a finger.

We offer several different options for the automatic reprocessing of failed credit and debit card transactions. There will likely always be some failed transactions each month so we provide an on-line failed transaction report that makes reconciliation with your bank and accounting software easy.

If you need us to we are able to identify and separate Visa and MasterCard credit card charges from Visa and MasterCard debit card transactions. We can also flag donor records for payments received from pre-paid Visa and MasterCard.

  • Expired Credit Card Tracking

    We keep track of expiring credit cards for recurring donors and memberships and let you know before they expire. We can even collect update information and update donor records for you if you require that service.
  • CAD & USD

    Credit and Debit card processing is available in Canadian & US funds.
  • Custom Processing Schedules

    From one time donations and membership fees to scheduled recurring donations and automatic membership renewals made by credit or debit card; we offer processing schedules that are customized to suit your needs.
Is keeping track of expiry dates, processing and then re-processing transactions taking a lot of your time? Let Minerva's team of experts do your electronic processing and free up your time to fundraise.
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