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Update your constituent contact email history automatically, directly from Minerva.
Virtual Office for Charities

Introducing Minerva email – a new component we’ve just added to Minerva that will enable you to send emails directly from the constituent record in your Minerva database system.

All emails will be sent through the Minerva mail server using your existing email address – once you’ve set your email address up in your Minerva system.

You may choose to copy yourself on each email you send using Minerva Mail and all emails sent are automatically stored in the contact history of each individual constituent an email is sent to.

Minerva email enables you to send one off emails to constituents directly from the constituent account – using your existing email account. You can choose from up to four stored email addresses for each constituent. Enter the email text as you would a regular email from your current email client and hit send. The email will be sent to the specified constituent and you may also elect to send a copy of the email to your regular email account.

  • Build Email Lists

    You can choose to build email lists from existing constituents with stored email addresses. Lists can be saved or developed ad hoc as needed.
  • Develop and Store Email Templates

    Do you have standard email documents that you send on a regular basis? Minerva enables you to set up standard templates.
  • Email Tracking

    The email tracking report in Minerva will enable you to see if an email was sent to a list or an individual constituent account, whether it was a template or a one off email, and the date the email was delivered and opened.

Is keeping track of sent email correspondence taking a lot of your time? Sign up for Minerva with integrated email functionality and free up your time to fundraise.

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