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Tax Receipting Services

Charitable Tax Receipt Help!

The form setup, laser printing, folding, inserting, mailing and compliance with CRA/IRS guidelines takes time. Let us take that off of your plate.

At Minerva, we have been helping charities issue CRA and IRS approved charitable receipts for over 19 years.

We have the flexibility to offer tax receipting immediately after a one-time donation is processed or, send receipts for OTG donations on an annual basis the way we do for recurring donors.

We set up your tax receipt forms - either on printed stock you supply or on plain white stock that we supply - to run on our high-speed laser printer. Then we ensure that your receipt meets all CRA and IRS criteria.

We know how important acknowledgement of your donor's gift is. If your tax receipt contains a thank you letter we make sure we mail the receipt and acknowledgement letter the very next day after the donation is processed so your donor knows you received their donation and you appreciate them.

  • Language and Country Options

    We are able to offer tax receipting that meet English Canadian, Québec-Canadian and US format and content requirements.
  • Electronic or Snail Mail

    Both printed and email receipting is available so for donors with email addresses you can save on paper, envelope and postage costs and make those donation dollars go even further.
  • Print on Demand

    Do you have several different versions of your tax receipt, some too small to warrant printing stock? With our high speed, high quality colour printer we can offer full colour or black ink only printed receipts on printed stock or on plain white paper.
Is tax receipting taking up too much of your organization's time? Let Minerva's team of experts do your tax receipting and free up your time to fundraise.
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